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ADL and Bites Media Partnership


The partnership between ADL and Bites Media is based on our mutual commitment to exploring, from diverse points of view, the civic and social issues raised by current events. The outcome for educators and students is access to a selection of lessons from ADL's civics curriculum, Strengthening Our Democracy: Civic Participation in the 21st Century, accompanied by interactive, multimedia news stories crafted and published by Bites Media.


ADL approaches civic learning with a critical eye on the impact of bias on our thinking and responses to issues of equity and social justice. Bites Media articles present current events according to journalistic standards and with explicit connections to democracy and citizenship. This combination allows students to extend their learning from ADL’s civics lessons to their world with dynamic new stories and access to original sources of information and facts. 


ADL’s anti-bias framework encourages multiple perspectives while Bites Media articles present students with two sides to each story as a starting point for considering different viewpoints.


ADL is featuring articles from Bites Media that represent key anti-bias concepts and connections to civic learning. ADL's complete Strengthening Our Democracy: Civic Participation in the 21st Century curriculum is freely available at where educators can download and print over 80 individual lessons including the articles featured on Bites Media. 


ADL and Bites Media provide free and open access to ADL's featured civics lessons and associated Bites Media multimedia articles. Bites Media also offers subscriptions to their site that provide educators with additional features including student registration, assignments, assessment, and tracking.



Start using the lessons today.